Change Only One Thing That Could Boost Productivity By 30%!

TruLink Mobile has created a phone and tablet-based solution for the field worker and all those who manage 811 One Call locate tickets, private locates, monitor the performance of contract locators and work in-house repair/installation/maintenance jobs.

TruLink Mobile was developed by industry professionals to fill in feature gaps not addressed by other ticket management systems. Significant improvements provided by TruLink enable users, from management to field techs, to complete their work without the unnecessary workarounds that plague other systems. That extra effort mentally fatigues users and creates barriers to working efficiently. One customer has seen a 30% improvement in productivity while ticket volume has doubled - and while keeping damages very very low. TruLink Mobile is not only a robust tool for management, but provides a light and easy work space for technicians, private locating as well as municipalities and utility companies.

Creating your own work tickets is fast and easy and can stand alone of mesh perfectly with call center tickets.

TruLink Mobile enables a more focused work day. One of our customers told us that while ticket volume has risen dramatically, damages have not. How?

This modern ticket management system allows Technicians to get to and from jobs Quickly, completely and on time. Without a tedious techy process getting in the way of performing and recording field work. With all the information in the palm of there hand technicians are far happier and are also more confident.

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